Fitting a Premade Hairbraid


The third video in our "School of BodyArt" series, a mini YouTube series that is aimed to help you use our products. We strongly hope that this information will be useful for you and we want to make it as easy to learn as we possibly can, that is why we not only have our video guide at the bottom of the page but we also have a detailed written guide below as a step-by-step lesson. In this guide we will aim to teach you how to easily and effectively fit a pre-made hair braid, this is an easy process but it looks extremely complicated for a new artist.

Detailed Guide

1. Pick the chosen hair braid and the hook tool, thread the hook tool through the metal end of the braid.

2. Thread the hair though the metal tube on the braid with the hook or hoop tool,repeat this around 4 times making sure to get enough hair.

3. Make sure that you can see the threads of the hair braids can be seen on the outside and that the metal tube is on the inside edge of the hair.

4. It is extrememly important to leave 1 inch (2.5cm) between the scalp and the metal tube, this is to prevent injury to the customer.

5. Now get your crimping tool and crimp the metal tube tightly so that the braid can't slip out.

6. Give the braid a gental tug to make sure it doesnt slide, if it does, open the tube again by crimping it on the opposite side to the previous crimp and thread some more hair through, proceed to crimp again.

Educational Video