Applying Brush-on Tattoos


This is the fourth video in our "School of BodyArt" series, a mini YouTube series that is aimed to help you use our products. We strongly hope that this information will be useful for you and we want to make it as easy to learn as we possibly can. In this guide we will aim to teach you how to easily and effectively apply a Brush-on Tattoo.

Detailed Guide

1. Clean the area of skin with an alcohol wipe or surgical spirits. Make sure all oils, moisteriser and dirt is removed from the area for a clean application area. Some sun cream can also affect the paint.

2. Pick up the chosen stencil design and move it to the application area. Now proceed to stick it to the skin.

3. Remember to only apply thin coats of paint for even coverage and a nicer tattoo look.

4. Remove the stencil slowly and carefully to reveal the tattoo underneath.

5. Gentally dust the tattoo with fine Talcum Powder (Baby Powder) or Fine Body Glitter.

6. Congratulations you have now finished your tatto. Please remember that self-adhersive stencils are single use only, please fold it and put it in an available waste container (bin/storage tub...)