5 airbrush starter kit cl...

This starter kit is suited to many uses. It is the biggest of our professional kits. It contains:- 5 x paasche TALON airbrushes 5 x 10 foot braided hoses 1 x 3oz ink jar for cleaning fluid) 1 x pump spray (to clean the skin before applying the tattoo) 1 x medium glitter 50 x reusable stencils (these can be of your choice) 6 x 50ml inks (colours black, blue, pink, red white, green .Each bottle will apply around 200 tattoos)  1 x 6 branch manifold to link the airbrushes to 1 air supply. All you need to add is the air supply and you are ready to work. Each tattoo will cost around 5pence to apply.

5 airbrush starter kit click the picture for contents

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