Earning Potentials


We all love the entertainment of our business, but lets face it, we all need to keep a roof over our heads and food in our bellies, so we need to be aware of the earning potentials of our investments.

Knowing what we can earn lets us know what we can afford to re-invest in and what stock we can purchase. We will be able to re-invest in our business, grow our market and of course, make a living.

All of these things can be difficult for small businesses and people starting up on their new road to success so we have written up some conservative figures to help you with your projections and help you see your earning potential from our products. Please view one of the sections below for more detailed information for those areas of interest.

1. Airbrush Tattoos

How much money can i make with Airbrush Tattoos?

Airbrush tattoos offer a massive profit in relation to costs and our products have been designed to let you make the maximum profits you can. The pigment content is high so the ink will cover very quickly and therefore cost you less and make you more money.

Here is a quick example:-

1x 60ml bottle of ink will spray roughly 200 to 300 tattoos depending on the size. I will set the tattoo sale price at £4 but most people will charge more than that.

Lets look at some example numbers...

  • 1x60ml bottle of ink costs £11.99
  • 200 tattoos at £4 each = £800.00
  • Your profit £788.01

Each tattoo costs just 5 pence when the ink is used with our stencils (they are re-usable until you break them so the cheapest option). As you can see there is a massive profit and tattoos are so popular you don't have problems getting customers.

2. Airbrush Face-Painting

How much money can i make with Airbrush Face Painting?

You will of course have an initial outlay to buy the stencils and any equipment you need but after that these are the profit margins for you.

All of our hybrid body paint (pro paint) is priced the same so if you want metallic, neon's or straight colours it won't cost anymore.

The average price for a airbrush face painting seems to average around £4 so I will base the figures on that.

These numbers are based on 100 faces:-

  • Retail price for 100 faces is £400 if retailed at £4 each
  • Cost of pro paint 2x60ml bottles (roughly) is £23.98
  • Profit for 100 faces at £4 each works out at £376.02

These figures don't allow for stencils as they last for years if you look after them.

3. Hair Braids

So how much money can I make from Hair Braids?

These hair braids are pre made and literally just need to be crimped into the hair so you no longer have to sit for 20 minutes to apply a braid. They will take between 30 seconds and 1 minute to apply, yet can be easily removed in seconds.

Bring on the math!

Because being pre-made brings down the work time to a minute or less, you can charge less and attract more customers.

Example: Assuming that you buy 100 braids at £1.05 each and then charge £5 (which is about the average price).

  • Cost to buy 100 braids £105 (£1.05 each)
  • Sell the stock for £500
  • Profit from these numbers is £395!

As you can see there is a massive profit margin in our hair braids. Allowing 2 minutes each; that's 30 braids per 1 hour so that would be £118.50 per hour profit.