About Us

Who Are We?

Firstly, let me thank you for taking the time to view this page, here at Airbrushbodyart we believe that a business isn't just about products or sales, its about building relationships with our clients; making sure that our customers fully enjoy their shopping experience and can make a viable career out of our products.

Based in the rolling hills of the English countryside, Airbrushbodyart is the UK's premier supplier to the temporary tattoo trade, we feel it important to nurture small businesses, enhance larger ones and help expand both into their new world that they are growing in so that they can prosper for the future. We pride ourselves in our customer service and we are dedicated to making sure our customers can come back to us again and again.

What Do We Do?

Since we established ourselves in 1999 we have experimented with a vast range of products to find materials that our customers like, we toured around the country standing on various exhibitions and festivals getting to know a larger customer base and learning what our customers required and expected of our company, we have worked with professionals from the film/stage industry and many professional body painters from around the world. Working out in the field taught us many things about our trade, which allows us to help you with any questions you might have. We currently stock a large range of easy to use products that have been developed and tested for many years, plus all of our stencils are made in-house with our own copyrighted designs.

On the pages of our website and our shop, you'll find everything from temporary tattoo inks to tattoo stencils, body paint, hair braids and so much more, plus friendly advice on setting up YOUR tattoo or body-painting business.

Our latest products include a fantastic airbrush hybrid face and body paint . Combine this with our range of unique and exclusive face painting stencils and you have a ready made business. The stencils can be airbrushed or used with a sponge and cake make up.