Re-usable Tattoo Stencils

What are re-usable stencils?

Many companies sell a self adhesive stencil and label it as re-usable, they may even say re-usable up to 5 times or something like that. But is that truly re-usable? I personally would never reuse a self adhesive stencil as I am not sure about the bacterial transference between clients, imagine reusing a plaster, I wouldn’t do that would you?

This is where are stencils are different. They are made from a soft, flexible black PVC that is easy to use and clean. The flexibility means that it goes around body curves easily, but they are re-usable as many times as you want to (some of my oldest ones are 15 years old).
While these stencils were designed to be used with an airbrush for tattoos we have many customers who buy them to use with a sponge and cake face paint.

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