Hair Braids

Have you ever seen those fabulous people sitting there for hours every day braiding hair. They charge by the inch which can work out quite expensive but of course they have the materials, expertise and of course all their time to be paid for. Ever wished you could do it? Well now you can. We have had the braids pre-made so all you have to do it attach them to the hair using the simple method and tools. They make a perfect add on to face painters / tattoo artists for parties and events as they take very little time and make so much profit. With so many styles to choose from you cant lose.

So what’s the benefit to normal hair braids?

These braids take a round 30 seconds to apply, they are on average 12 inches long (they are hand made so do vary)   :     Many styles so something to suit everyone.

they only cost a maximum of £1 to you so the rest is all profit.


If you buy 100 braids at £1 each and charge £5 (which is about the average price)

cost to buy   £100

sell for          £500

profit           £400

As you can see a massive profit margin.