Airbrush Face and Body Paint

At one time all you could get was cake make up. The artists were very talented and worked with whatever was available. As time progressed things changed and all sorts of products came to the marketplace and here is our latest.
Pro-paint face and bodypaint!

What is special about this?

Most products you use will smudge when wiped but this product is a hybrid bodypaint and doesn’t smudge after it is dry.
It can be used for in waterparks without fear of the designs washing off yet at the same time you can be safe in the knowledge that it can be easily removed using liquid soap and water.
The colours are bright and vibrant with a good range including silver, gold and neon’s(glows under blue light). If you need a colour that we don’t have you can mix the colours without any problems.
It flows easily from the airbrush and is easy to clean after use (we use surgical spirits but you can use IPA)

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