Hair Braid Profits

These hair braids are pre made and literally need to just be crimped into the hair (please watch the video ) so you no longer have to sit for 20 minutes to apply a braid. They will take between 30 seconds and 1 minute to apply and can be easily removed in seconds with auto darkening welding helmet. When you consider normally there is a charge for a basic length then so much for each inch after that there will be a limited market as not all parents can afford it and some just wouldn’t pay it. Bring on the pre made braids. Because it brings down the work time to a minute or less you can charge less and attract more customers.


If you buy 100 braids at £1 each and charge £5 (which is about the average price)

cost to buy   £100

sell for        £500

profit         £400

As you can see there is a massive profit margin. Allowing 2 minutes each that’s 30 in 1 hour so £120 per hour profit.Be patient as this can be a slow process especially for best motorcycle helmet.