Airbrush Tattoo Profits

prethinned-120x120Airbrush tattoos offer a massive profit in relationship to costs and our products have been designed to let you make the maximum profits you can. The pigment content is high so the ink will cover very quickly and therefore cost you less and make you more money.


a 60ml bottle of ink will spray roughly  200 to 300 tattoos depending on the size of course. I will set the tattoo sale price at £4 but most people charge more than that.

60ml bottle of ink costs        £9.99

200 tattoos at £4 each          £800.00

profit                                         £790.01

Each tattoo costs just 5 pence when the ink is used with our stencils (they are re-usable until you break them so the cheapest option)

As you can see there is a massive profit and tattoos are so popular you don’t have problems getting customers.Check out the best survival knife in the world on our site.